Website Hosting

Our website hosting is not just the server your website sits on, we actively manage the service to make sure your website is running at its best all of the time - performance and uptime monitors, automatic backups, secure firewalls and more.

Dedicated resources

Some website hosts will host multiple client websites on the same server resources causing all sorts of issues. This never seemed fair to us, so each of our hosted websites gets their very own high-spec server resources.

Lightning fast

By deploying advanced cache, compression and optimisation tools as well as a global content delivery network (CDN), your website can take advantage of the increased load speeds and be quicker than ever before.

Top-notch security

Security is paramount on the internet nowadays and your website is no exception. Each of our website hosting servers is protected behind our web application firewall (WAF) and 24/7 malware scanning.

Always backed up

Our website hosting servers take backup snapshots of your website every day and keep these copies for 30 days for you to revert back to at any time if needed. Some of our website hosting plans include hourly backups as well.

SSL included

SSL certificates should not be an add-on option anymore. Every single one of our website hosting plans includes a SSL certificate at no extra cost, which improves security, SEO and removes the web browser security warnings.

Broken link checker

It is very easy to "break" a link when making edits to your website, but they can cause big problems with the search engines. Our team constantly check for broken links and can repair them for you right there and then.

Ready to help

Our team are always on stand-by if you need help with your website, whether you want to update something or you have a quick question, we are ready to jump in and help!

No maintenance

When it comes to updates for themes, plugins and other content - it's covered. Our team work to keep your website up-to-date, secure and functioning at all times so you don't have to.

Uptime guarantee

Your website should be available to visitors all the time, right? We agree and that is why all of the websites we host on our servers come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  

Frequently asked questions

We have gone ahead and answered some of the questions that we get most frequently about our website hosting services.

What website platforms can you host?
How can I access my website's admin area?
Can you help me make changes on my website?
Does your website hosting have any protection against spam?
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